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The Centrimpex is a company dedicated to the manufacturing of high precision parts, serving all kinds of professional customers in the industry.

The Centrimpex was born in 2011 and came out from the need to make up for the great difficulties which arise in the search for solutions to companies.

We are a young and ambitious team that seeks quality solutions to our customers, so they feel secure and confident in our work.
Our core business is researching, investigating and finding the most profitable market, negotiating with Portuguese companies and various countries in search of the product with the best quality / price ratio.
We are committed to anticipate the needs of our customers, offering a wide range of products and services that will help you get your time and your business, thereby simplifying processes and bureaucracies.

Headquartered in the district of Coimbra, we are in Portugal, as elsewhere in the world. We believe in a borderless world.